Amazon Listing Optimizations that Drive Visibility & Sales

How to Get Your Products to Rank Higher in Amazon’s Search Results

On-Demand RoundTable Recording

  • Differentiating Your Products 'from the rest'

    How content plays an integral role in outpacing your competition & your overall Amazon growth strategy. 

  • Your Listing + Headline Search Ad Strategy

    Leveraging your advertising efforts to improve sales optimizations - Understanding your most profitable ASINs.

  • A/B Testing & Pricing Optimization - Uncovering truths

    Efficient & practical ways to test product pricing, product detail pages, images & titles.

Amazon Round-Table Speakers

  • Pat Petriello | CPC Strategy

    Head of Marketplace Strategy

  • Greg Mercer | Jungle Scout

    CEO & Founder

  • Andrew Browne | Splitly