Will you reach your ROI goals with your comparison shopping campaigns?

Are your comparison shopping campaigns producing underwhelming results for your business?  Are your ROI goals being met?  Are you flushing ad spend down the drain with non-converting clicks?

Start optimizing your comparison shopping campaigns with The Comparison Shopping Guide for Online Merchants.  You'll learn every fundamental aspect to comparison shopping campaigns and how to best manage them. The Guide covers:

  • The basics and overviews to each major comparison shopping engine (CSE)
  • The bidding process, bid strategy, each major CSEs bid specifications, as well as how to optimize your product listings
  • Data feed management and optimization
  • Basic website optimization to boost your conversion rates
  • Efficient long-term management of your CSE campaigns

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- John Lawson, CEO, ColderICE Media

- Bill Quinn, Owner, ChristmasTreeForMe.com