The Google Shopping Guide for Business Owners [Holiday 2012 Edition]

Learn the latest Google Shopping tips and tricks by downloading the brand new edition of our most popular ebook!

With over 1,000 retailer downloads, we've completely revamped our most downloaded ebook to include the newest techniques to managing a Google Shopping campaign.

Whether you're just getting started or you need a boost in revenue, this ebook can serve as your comprehensive guide to setting up and implementing a successful Google Shopping campaign, step by step.

This guide covers the following 5 topics:

1. How to launch a Google Shopping CPC campaign AND how to launch the new Google Shopping CPA campaign

2. New CPC bidding tips and tricks

3. How to find the new Google Shopping product placements and use that knowledge to your advantage

4. How to optimize and segment your Google Shopping data feed

5. How to analyze and refine your Google Shopping stratgy